Thursday, July 29, 2010


We always have a resident red-tail hawk that lives in the woods. This year there were at least two juveniles. For the last few weeks we have been listening to the young screeching for their mother. I am thinking it is their call when she is out hunting for their food or just because they can!
One is so vocal we have named her/him Crybaby. 

The first picture is of the adult.
Now you can see the difference of the juvenile. He does not have the red-tail or other colorings yet.
This adult is so good....she has two in her mouth and one in her talons. She probably didn't want to listen to Crybaby either.
Crybaby saw mom catch the mouse and came screeching right over.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Coyote Summer

The coyotes have arrived. There are seven pups that have been playing in the field for a few weeks now. I saw them chasing each other and Chuck said one had a sock the other day. Well yesterday,,,, I saw two of them with something that looked like a sock. One was some kind of material and the other was a mole that they caught. This pup was running around with the mole and throwing it in the air.
I got this shot just by chance!

All seven in one shot!

Mom coyote keeps a close watch whenever she is around!