Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekend in the Gorge

We took a couple days in the Columbia Gorge this weekend. The weather was beautiful and we saw quite a few birds. We were hiking up a hill at the mouth of Cascade Locks and an osprey flew right over us with his dinner in his talons. He has the fish positioned for the least wind resistance. I located the Western Tanager at Memaloose Overlook on the way to Rowena Crest.

We saw the female in town at The Dallas.

This was one of the many beautiful flowers that were in full bloom.

We ended up seeing so many birds that I really don't recall seeing before. In the past I didn't stop to identify the birds like we do today. So we might have seen them before, but just didn't know it. Some of the highlights are: Western bluebird, Bullock's Oriole, Black Headed Grosbeak, Western Tanager, and cliff swallows.

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Kris said...

Your pictures are amazing!

I'm glad you had a good time this weekend. It sure was nice out!