Monday, April 25, 2011

Grays Harbor and Ocean Springs Weekend

We picked the best weekend of the year to go to Grays harbor and Ocean Springs Washington.
I think every clam digger was out there on Saturday!
 A line of cars and people in every direction - filled with clam diggers - except us.
 Semipalmated plovers with a long billed dowitcher
 Plovers and sandpipers flying in
 Too cute.
 It was nice seeing them hang out together.
 This little plover wanted to know what I was up to.
 This one is the shortbilled Dowitcher - can he put his head any further into the sand? - Yes he can!

 Western Sandpiper
 She finally got some lunch!

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Anonymous said...

Lovely pics! However, the big bird you've called a Long-billed Dowitcher is actually a Marbled Godwit (note the orange based, dark-tipped and slightly upturned bill, the heavy breast barring that is complete across the breast (not just short barring at the sides) and the approximately threefold greater size difference relative to the Semipalmated Plovers.