Sunday, December 28, 2008

Birds in the snow

Goldened crown sparrows were everywhere in the snow.
Juncos galore too.

Squirrrels needed food too.

Now I believe this is a Cooper's Hawk (Thanks to Portland Birds). I caught a glimpse of a hawk out the front window. I saw the markings of a Harrier so I assumed this was the same bird. A bit later I saw him perched above the main duck pond in the back yard. Then I noticed ALL the little birds were hiding in the bushes. Mr. Hawk perched in the cottonwood tree for about an hour. He let me get close, yet I didn't want to make him mad.

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A Portland Backyard said...

Wow! What phenomenal photos! Those are great.

I believe your hawk that you have there is a juvenile Cooper's. We had the hardest time identifying hawks for a while. But, we get the Cooper's Hawk in the yard frequently and that sure looks like him. Nice capture!