Sunday, December 28, 2008

Birds in the snow

Goldened crown sparrows were everywhere in the snow.
Juncos galore too.

Squirrrels needed food too.

Now I believe this is a Cooper's Hawk (Thanks to Portland Birds). I caught a glimpse of a hawk out the front window. I saw the markings of a Harrier so I assumed this was the same bird. A bit later I saw him perched above the main duck pond in the back yard. Then I noticed ALL the little birds were hiding in the bushes. Mr. Hawk perched in the cottonwood tree for about an hour. He let me get close, yet I didn't want to make him mad.

Snow Birds and others watching them

The ducks were walking over to the squirrel feeder. The duck in the front is real - it was snowing and he went into a dip in the snow. I thought it was a cool picture.

We heard the coyotes howling the night before and wondered how they were surviving the storm. The two main ones that we normally see were out in the morning. I saw one licking his chops when he saw the 100 ducks swimming in the pond.

The cats were jumping at the window thinking they could catch a bird or two. Yet they have NEVER been outdoors cats. I think they were starting to get tired.

I just love the song of the black capped chickadee.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow Again

I wonder how much more snow we can get??? We cleared off the table on Sunday afternoon and it is full again. I don't know if the deck can handle the weight of the snow. It has to be 2 feet by now. I think I am ready for some rain instead. The power outage this morning and the large amounts of snow was sufficient to block the vents for the furnace. So after no power for a couple hours, then we had no heat. Thankfully Chuck got it working again, yes, after climbing a ladder to the roof in the snow and ice. Yikes!! I started to shovel a path in the driveway, but Chuck says it will take me a month to get all the way to the road so I stopped. At least there are a couple more tunnels for the birds to play around in driveway.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow and Ice

The snow makes for pretty pictures. I just wonder when it will warm up enough to do any thawing. We have about 10 inches, including 1/2 inch of ice on top. My sister says I got the icing on the cake for my Birthday today!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Busy and birds

I have been very busy with work and school so I have not posted lately. I just finished another term and am on my break before January and my LAST class for my BS degree. Yippee!!

On our latest trip we went to the William Finley Refuge in Corvallis. There were more birds there that I have ever seen in one place. I will post more later. For now I wanted to show off my new creation from my photo to see what you think. I am creating watercolors from my bird photos.